American spirit cigarettes dotted line?

Answer the dotted line is so that you can cut the filter shorter which makes the cigarette stronger

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Where to buy american spirit in india?

i buy my JD, Harper, Wild Turkey in one of the large expensive liquor shops where you dont get normal spirits. there are many in Bangalore. Search and you will find.

Native American Spirit Stick Crafts?

Native American spirit stick crafts symbolize the power once evoked by shamans during healing ceremonies and prayer sessions. Spirit sticks were typically used while dancing to banish impurities, b... Read More »

Are american spirits not as bad as other cigarettes?

Well... yes you would say that, they are basically rolling tobacco but without that rolling tobacco taste, much 'better' than the other ciggys on the market although they are more expensive they st... Read More »

What is your favorite brand of Native American cigarettes?

I like Black Hawk brand Cigarettes. They cost $14 a carton at the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop in Palm Springs, California. They are 100% all natural and can be shipped to your doorstep in a week's time... Read More »