American Persimmon Tree Facts?

Answer American or common persimmon trees (Diospyros virginiana) are striking in the wintertime, when they've shed their leaves but still have round globes of bright orange fruit. These hardy native fruit... Read More »

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American Elm Tree Facts?

The American Elm Tree (Ulmus americana) is a vase-shaped, fast-growing deciduous tree that is native to the eastern portion of North America. This perennial tree grows well in humid wetlands. The t... Read More »

American Beech Tree Facts?

The scientific name for the American beech tree is Fagus grandifolia, according to The American beech tree grows in the southern and eastern regions of the United States. Massa... Read More »

American Snowbell Tree Facts?

The American snowbell (genus: Styrax; species: americanus) is designated as a small tree or shrub, and is a member of the Styracaceae family. The snowbell is native to North America, and in particu... Read More »

Is a persimmon tree fragrant?

The persimmon tree produces small, fragrant flowers, according to Nature Hills Nursery. These flowers later mature into persimmons, which have a fragrance of their own. Persimmons have a strong, mu... Read More »