American Management Association Certification?

Answer The American Management Association (AMA) provides 12 certificate programs in professional areas. Those who hold an AMA certificate are recognized as having in-demand expertise in the business worl... Read More »

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What certification does the department of defense use as a baseline certification for management level one for the army?

the answer is 5 hours because when we add the two secretaries the first one will be done typing in 6 hours and the other is 4 hours so if we add the two of them so 6 hours plus 4 hours is equals t... Read More »

If a property management company omits an account and fails to collect the fees due should the management company reimburse the homeowners association for the loss?

Answer lien it's not a property management duty to pay HOA fees, it is owners duty,but property management Co may be able to pay due to HOA from the proceeds of the rent collected by them..if owner... Read More »

Community Association Management Training?

A community association manager is trained to oversee communal property and services of condominiums, town homes or other types of planned communities. A community manager typically works through a... Read More »

Certification Courses in Management?

There are certification courses available in a wide range of educational areas for individuals who want to distinguish themselves professionally. To get certified in a management course, individual... Read More »