American Kids in Schools Need Computers?

Answer The era of learning in school through the use of textbooks, paper, pencils and chalk boards is quickly vanishing as computers become a growing part of the educational experience. American kids in s... Read More »

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Kids Opinions About Punishments at American Indian Boarding Schools?

In the late 1800s, thousands of Native American children were taken from their families and placed in government-run boarding schools across the United States. The primary goal of the boarding scho... Read More »

Computers And Schools?

Hospitals, big and small businesses, schools and even homes have access to computers, so it is apparent that computers play a big part in society. Computers help to prepare students from primary sc... Read More »

How are computers being used at schools?

Computers have a key role in today's schools. They act as a teacher, a gradekeeper, a note taker and an organizer. Parents, students, teachers and principals are each using computers in different w... Read More »

What are the benefits of kids using computers?

Computers can be somewhat dangerous to children by affecting their attention spans and social skills. Also, there are numerous websites that contain spyware, scams, pornography and sex offenders. B... Read More »