American Kids in Schools Need Computers?

Answer The era of learning in school through the use of textbooks, paper, pencils and chalk boards is quickly vanishing as computers become a growing part of the educational experience. American kids in s... Read More »

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What Skills Do Kids Need on Computers?

Computers are a large part of our society today, and many jobs require in-depth knowledge of computer operation, so it makes sense that schools now teach computer skills starting at an early age. T... Read More »

Kids Opinions About Punishments at American Indian Boarding Schools?

In the late 1800s, thousands of Native American children were taken from their families and placed in government-run boarding schools across the United States. The primary goal of the boarding scho... Read More »

The Need for Media Literacy in American Schools?

The United States is a media-heavy culture and the push for media literacy education is strengthening. Curriculum standards for media have been in place since 2000 in all 50 states. Organizations o... Read More »

Computers And Schools?

Hospitals, big and small businesses, schools and even homes have access to computers, so it is apparent that computers play a big part in society. Computers help to prepare students from primary sc... Read More »