American IronHorse Specifications?

Answer American IronHorse was a motorcycle company founded in 1985 in Texas that ceased trading in 2008. The company made custom cruisers and choppers. The final lineup included the Slammer, the Texas Cho... Read More »

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Fender American Series Specifications?

The electric guitar was born in the 1940s in southern California. Inventor Leo Fender realized that he could improve on the traditional hollow bodied acoustic guitar with an electric solid body des... Read More »

Is the child of an American citizen automatically granted American citizenship?

For a child to be granted United States Citizenship, he must either be born in the United States or both parents of the child born outside of the United States must be United States citizens.Source... Read More »

What should I do if I search for American on Google and it keeps showing me American Idol results?

Which american city has the great american beer festival?

The Great American Beer Festival, or GABF, is held in Denver, Colorado, every year. The festival began in Boulder in 1982 and moved to Denver in 1984. It moved to its current home, the Colorado Con... Read More »