American Impressionist Artists Before the 1900s?

Answer Impressionist art is a form of artwork that does not focus on the details of the subject. An Impressionist artist portrays the subject as a person would see it upon a quick glimpse of the item. T... Read More »

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American Schooling Techniques in the Early 1900s?

The turn of the 20th century saw a period of rapid change and experimentation in American public policy. Between 1900 and 1910, reformers lobbied for, and successfully implemented, many social refo... Read More »

American Upright Pianos Built in the Early 1900s?

The early 1900s were the heyday of pianos and piano manufacturing in America. Around 1850, only about 50,000 pianos were manufactured worldwide. By 1900, more than 170,000 pianos were manufactured ... Read More »

What artists on American idol 2011?

As of may,6 2011 the 4 people on right now are Lauren, scotty, Haley, and James.

When I sync my iPod, there are two artists who don't appear under "artists." How do I fix this?

if you downloaded on limewire which sometimes the person who put it there puts the songs name with the artist so it doesnt show up and sometimes it does so try downloading the same song from other ... Read More »