American Fashion Vs. French Fashion?

Answer Design houses in France, such as Chanel and Christian Lacroix, strongly influence American fashion. However, the American aesthetic has also had an impact on French fashion, imparting a more laid-b... Read More »

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In one word describe your fashion style/fashion-sense!?

About Fashion in the French Revolution?

Fashion during the French Revolution (1789 to about 1793) saw a complete switch in the direction of costume for men and women. The overt glamor of the aristocrats was pushed out in favor of dress f... Read More »

Information on French Fashion?

French fashion sets the trend in the fashion world and has done so since King Louis XIV. King Louis XIV set the standard in French fashion for both men and women because he paid attention to popula... Read More »

Differences Between Fashion Designing & Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion designing and fashion merchandising are two related but different fields. Both require a deep knowledge of fashion trends. However, fashion designing focuses primarily on creating clothes t... Read More »