American Family Rights Association?

Answer The American Family Rights Association (AFRA) is a professional association made up of parents, guardians, grandparents, licensed social workers, attorneys, medical professionals and advocates--hum... Read More »

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Who is against the American Family Association?

Rights of home owners against an association?

Owners may differ in opinions with the board that leads the association. Or, you may have a rogue board that conducts business in ways that are not defined by your governing documents. Owners are ... Read More »

Do home owners have voting rights in a homeowner's association?

Yes, and your voting rights are based on the notion of your 'allocated interest' in your communal ownership of the assets of the association. Your governing documents set out your voting rights and... Read More »

Can an home owners association suspend members voting rights?

Read your governing documents to determine the basis upon which your association may or may not be authorized to suspend owners' voting rights.