American Cheese Swiss Cheese Or Mozzarella Cheese Which do you like better ?

Answer mozarellayou don't see the others on pizza!Merry Christmas!

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Mozzarella Cheese Pepper Jack Cheese Or Swiss Cheese Which from my list do you like better?

So hard...I'm a Wisconsinite...this is torture!Ahhhhh!!!!!Have to choose, have too chooseAgony...Must chooseMozzarella...that hurt

Cheddar Mozzarella Swiss Or American Which type of Cheese do you like better?

i like answering ur questions so easy not complex... lol... I love to say I eat alot of cheddar and the kraft singles are good but cheddar is my favorite even in the baby bel mini cheddar is the best

Should Swiss Cheese not made in Switzerland be allowed to be called Swiss Cheese?

Tecnically there is no "swiss cheese"......its called ementhaler. swiss chese is just an international name. if you go to switzerland and ask for swiss cheese, they will look at you like you are an... Read More »

Burger with cheese French fries with Cheese Chili with Cheese Or Broccoli with cheese Which from this->?

Broccoli with cheese. Yum!Goodnight Scooter :)