American Beech Tree Diseases?

Answer The American beech, or Fagus grandifolia, is a large, slow-growing tree that eventually reaches a mature height of 50 or more feet, with forest trees growing up to 120 feet. Although the tree is su... Read More »

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American Beech Tree Information?

The American Beech, (Fagus grandifolia), is a deciduous tree or the northern forest that grows abundantly in second-growth stands. As an ornamental, the tree can live for several hundred years and ... Read More »

American Beech Tree Facts?

The scientific name for the American beech tree is Fagus grandifolia, according to The American beech tree grows in the southern and eastern regions of the United States. Massa... Read More »

Leaf Diseases in Beech Trees?

Beech (Fagus spp.) is one of the most popular landscape trees. The tree has a silver-gray bark and a broad, dense crown. Beech trees have a horizontal branching habit and a slow to medium growth ra... Read More »

Beech Tree Fungus?

Beeches are deciduous trees in the Fagaceae family of plants. They have long, scaly buds and alternative leaves with toothed margins. Beeches produce nuts held within prickly burs, and the flowers ... Read More »