Amazon refurbished, New, And used?

Answer I sell a lot on Amazon, so maybe I can help:1. NEW means just that. Original seal or shrink wrap. Straight "off the shelf" condition. Never used, never opened. Just like you'd find in a tradit... Read More »

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What does refurbished mean on amazon?

When a product is refurbished, it is cleaned, inspected and repaired to meet the original manufacturer specifications, according to Amazon's website. The product does not have to include the origin... Read More »

Why are usually refurbished products more expensive then the new ones in Amazon?

Sometimes it has to do with supply and demand; some older players have a Mystic about them but they are no longer being made so the availability is low, but there may be many people who desire the ... Read More »

Is buying a refurbished blu ray player from amazon "safe"?

You are correct in thinking that a refurbished item had something wrong with it.. But the keyword is "HAD". A refurbished unit is normally just like new because when it's returned to the manufactur... Read More »

What is the difference between refurbished and non refurbished phones?