Amazon refurbished, New, And used?

Answer I sell a lot on Amazon, so maybe I can help:1. NEW means just that. Original seal or shrink wrap. Straight "off the shelf" condition. Never used, never opened. Just like you'd find in a tradit... Read More »

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What does refurbished mean on amazon?

When a product is refurbished, it is cleaned, inspected and repaired to meet the original manufacturer specifications, according to Amazon's website. The product does not have to include the origin... Read More »

Is buying a refurbished blu ray player from amazon "safe"?

You are correct in thinking that a refurbished item had something wrong with it.. But the keyword is "HAD". A refurbished unit is normally just like new because when it's returned to the manufactur... Read More »

Why are usually refurbished products more expensive then the new ones in Amazon?

Sometimes it has to do with supply and demand; some older players have a Mystic about them but they are no longer being made so the availability is low, but there may be many people who desire the ... Read More »

Does refurbished mean used?

Refurbished means to make an item clean, bright and like new again. The term refurbished is applied to everything from electronics, to furniture, to homes, to businesses. Refurbished items usually ... Read More »