Amazon pre-orders, when do I pay?

Answer per Amazon policy, pre-ordered items only charged when shipped. So right now, they haven't charged you yet, you might see in your statement that Amazon charge you like a dollar right now to test th... Read More »

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Getting 2-day free shipping codes for multiple items for Amazon orders?

I get my list of Amazon free shipping codes from PromotionalCoder, normally they have the latest ones on the website.Shipping furniture can get expensive, I would recommend using the free shipping ... Read More »

Which deployment function is activated upon receipt of prepare to deploy orders ptdo deployment orders depord or execution orders exord supporting real world deployments contingences as directed?

What happens when you ignore deployment orders?

It would result in a Military Courts Martial and could end with prison time and/or a felony record.

When you have your job orders can you drop out of the air force?

in order to enlist, you need an education, GED or High school diploma, also you need to be 18 or have your parents consent.