Am worried about my friend - I think hes overdosed?

Answer He is probably dead now, some friend you are.Stupid ****** if hes got his knickers in a twist over some ***** then he deserves to die.

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My friend overdosed but all she did was LSD?

There are several possibilities. The first that comes to mind is the composition of the LSD. When you buy drugs off the street you NEVER know what you are really getting. The second is that she may... Read More »

I am worried about a friend who is showing signs?

Jealous a little?Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly read my profile, you must really feel intimidated by my realistic replies to your questions. Yes, that's right, I have never been with a... Read More »

If a friend was planing on commiting suicide should you tell I did but im worried i pushed her farther?

you made the right decision in telling some one. if you let it go no one would know except you and would feel guilty plus you would lose a friend. she may be made at you for it but overall it was f... Read More »

Have i overdosed or am i ok?

You'll be okay, paracetamol usually wears off after 4 hours, you might just feel a little pukey but I'm sure you'll be fine. :)