Am pregnant & worried?

Answer 36 weeks is premature, but probably nothing to worry about. Normal pregnancies are 40 weeks; 37 weeks is considered "full term". I'm going to assume that this is your first child, in which case y... Read More »

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You are pregnant at the age of 11 should you be worried?

With pregnancy in one so young, there is a higher likelihood of low birth weight and birth defects in the baby. So there is reason for concern. But be careful to do exactly what your gynecologist t... Read More »

I am 13 i want to have sex but i am worried about getting my girlfreind pregnant?

Hey Dude,Usually I would say this to the girl in a relationship but it equally applies here If she really loves you, she will be willing to wait until you are both legal for sex.If she doesn't unde... Read More »

You are 11 years old and pregnant should you be worried?

Absolutely. Contact a doctor. Tell your family. Get help, You'll need it. Definitely time to put on your big girl panties. If it's a false alarm... stay away from the things that cause it until you... Read More »

Are headaches normal when pregnant or should you be worried that they might be something else?

Answer Yes they are very common its just the hormones in your body. If they get bad enough talk to your doctor and see if he can help with giving you something for them!