Am i too skinny pleaseee help.?

Answer Yes! You are almost anorexic. Eat something. You're too young to worry about weight. Live a little.

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Someone pleaseee help me?

There is No Way to Delete it all In One Click you Have to Go Through Each Profile and Remove the Post i Would Suggest you Change your Password As it Seems Like you been hacked

Eye pleaseee.?

i also wear contacts daily. this happens to my quite often because i have really bad allergies. you might have allergies and had been rubbing your eye in your sleep. if allergies are not possible, ... Read More »

Help, I have a date and I need ideas of what to do.. there's no cinema here, so heeeeelp pleaseee?

Enjoy authentic dishes at restaurants is an interesting idea for you. There are so many restaurants here. I think you should try to find your favorite restaurants easily.This smar... Read More »

I'm too skinny!!! Help?

I am sorry to tell you, but that is your body type. You may never gain weight but as long as stay healthy and eat right you have nothing to worry about.