Am i too skinny everyone says i am?

Answer You probably could do to put on a little bit of weight, but as long as you're healthy it doesn't matter.

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Is it normal if you are 12 years old and weigh 118 pounds and you look skinny and everyone says so but you weigh a lot?

AnswerIf you're eating right, exercising right and in reasonable health, don't worry about it. Unfortunately, today's entertainment media is focusing a lot on body image. Just be grateful that you'... Read More »

Everyone tells me i'm too skinny [Picture]?

First of all, you're beautiful. Don't stress about your image. Your metabolism is just working at a very high rate right now. When you get your period, it is very likely that it will slow down. It ... Read More »

Why Does Everyone Hate On Skinny People?

Skinny women are hated on because of jealousy, but you have to understand that this culture is very obsessed with thinness. Fat people are hated on more. I think that if forced to choose, people wo... Read More »

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