Am i too fat to wear a bikini?

Answer HOLY CRAP!Stop worrying about it. You are not FAT!NOTE: Being like 400lbs does not stop some ppl from wearing bikinis and speedos.....

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Should I wear a bikini?

Life is too short to worry about such superficiality kiddo. When you've been dead a million years you've only just started being dead! Lose that self-consciousness, slip into your bikini, douse you... Read More »

Do you have to be skinny to wear a bikini?

not necessarily, if you feel hot in it, i dont see why you can't wear it,

Am I too heavy/fat to wear a bikini?

Here's some ultra quick weight loss IDEAS. And I said ideas in caps because this my be risky and maybe even potentially damaging. But if you're serious...1. The Wheat Belly Diet ( 100% safe but its... Read More »

Should I wear a speedo or a bikini to the beach?

Umm... speedo! speedo's are sexy... bikinis look gay (on guys)