Am i too fat for a bikini?

Answer Yes, you can wear a bikini. You have lovely legs, a sexy stomach, and your boobs are big enough to fit nicely into a bikini top. I think you ought to use the blue and white striped bikini. PS: I we... Read More »

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Why is bikini bottom called bikini bottom?

Bikini Bottom was named because it lays at the BOTTOM of Bikini Atoll. The cartoon was created by a marine biologist and later Nickelodeon picked it up. Bikini Atoll is where the nuke hit or was te... Read More »

What do you think of this bikini?

Well if I saw another girl wearing this and she had a nice figure I wouldn't judge her and think bad of her (and you would get a better suntan because it covers less). Personally, I wouldn't be too... Read More »

How to Try on a Bikini?

If you don't know how to try on a bikini, don't sweat it! All those strings and bows and that flimsy material can be quite confusing! But luckily this guide will tell you how!

How to Put on a Bikini?

Most of us probably found our own way to put on our bikini's but this is how to properly do it.