Am i the only one who is pissed about youtubes new updates?

Answer Well YT is owned by Google so what do you expect? Google is well known for swamping every site they havesomething to do with with adverts.Does Google give a monkeys, no of course it doesn't?Google ... Read More »

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Me and my dad confronted my stepmom about breastfeeding antics and now she is super pissed?

While I'm extremely PRO-Breastfeeding and I totally support your step-moms decision to breast feed, she needs to tone it down a bit. If she wants to help others, you and your father should direct h... Read More »

I'm really pissed off at microsoft for not informing the public about the free upgrafe to windoes 7, agree?

They DID inform the public. I've been seeing the signs and advertisements for the free Windows 7 upgrade program for months now.But just like any program, it has to start sometime... if they had a... Read More »

Youtubes 2011 video rewards today?

NO. NO, It is a scam. If you read the fine print it signs you up for a $9.99 sms text game service. You will never recieve your ipad/phone/macbook. It is a total and complete scam. How it is lega... Read More »

What was the series called on BBC about a peacekeeping tank regiment in Kosovo about 10 years ago. I think it was only about 3 episodes?