Am i the ONLY one addicted to facebook?

Answer you are DEFINITELY not.. I know that I am SOOO addicted. I spend more time on facebook than i do for my homework.. my friends are too.. but i'm pretty sure i'm the worst haha. Facebook just fits in... Read More »

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Addicted to facebook!?

All of the suggestions above seem very reasonable, but if you really have a problem managing your Facebook time, have your parents or a sibling change your Facebook password without telling you wha... Read More »

Are you addicted to facebook?

Yes. It's so annoying! I have an essay to write that I've been putting off because of it, all day! And I'm constantly checking it to see if anythings changed. Oh dear..

Addicted to Facebook?

If its everywhere all the time, deleting it makes sense. if you say its too much your not ready to overcome the addiction... reading books is a good thing to do focus your attention as you probably... Read More »

Is my sister addicted to facebook?

Yes I would call that addiction, its hard to tell with girls, because they just do use facebook, all the time, but if shes snatching the phone and lying to so go on facebook or stay out of trouble,... Read More »