Am i right to be angry with my dentist What do you guys think?

Answer A patient's relationship with their dentist is a special one - you need to be able to trust them. She might have a really odd sense of humour, but cracking 'jokes' like that is not appropriate seei... Read More »

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I would like to know what you guys think about the BEST camcorders on the market right now Thanks.?

Of course, price will determine quality and features. I'm assuming you're looking for a consumer-level one, under $500? I think the Panasonic 3 chip (3ccd) cams are a good buy. Spend $6 and buy a o... Read More »

What do you think of a guys/girls with a tattoo?

They are ok if not too extreme, I have Che Guevara on my upper left arm.

What do you think of guys with long hair?

What do you think of older guys with pony tails?

I am the kind of friend who will tell you when you have spinach stuck in your teeth...etc.Well I hate to say it but, "Your slip is showing"Long hair is not flattering on many men to begin with, eve... Read More »