Am i pre diabetic and how can i raise my my vita D level?

Answer 5.9% is considered prediabetic but it also means you should have more of your numbers measured- it's possible that you are diabetic and not prediabetic, if your numbers are going high enough after ... Read More »

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Non diabetic glucose level?

High blood sugar level in non diabetic?

You have all the symptoms of diabetes. More over the blood sugar level is extremely high.Test your urine for sugar and ketone. Also conduct Insulin C-peptide test. Insulin C-peptide is a blood test... Read More »

My doctor said my sugar level is 350 and I am close to being diabetic is this true?

Close??? If that reading is correct, you are well beyond the level required to be classified as a diabetic. If you ate prior to the test, 200, or more, would be diabetic. If you hadn't eaten anythi... Read More »

What is considered high diabetic blood sugar level?

Diabetes blood sugar levels are considered high when they get above 200 mg/dL. This can be caused by eating too much, not exercising, low insulin levels or medication taken for diabetes.Source:Univ... Read More »