Am i overweight ): be honest?

Answer NOT AT ALL! you have an amazing figure! they are just horrible people trying to make you paranoid about something you have nothing to be paranoid about!

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Do you think i am overweight (honest answers please)?

you need to gain some weight. I would think that at 126lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, you need to be at least 20 lbs heavierplease talk to your parents and go to a doctor

When was the last time u brushed ur teeth, try to be 100% honest please, 100% honest?

i am being 100% honest when I say it was this morning. I always always brush twice a day.I could never do anything else!

If both of your parents are overweight how likely is the child to be overweight?

It is very likely that the child will be overweight if it has overweight parents. Obviously eating habits of overweight people are passed on to their children along with genes and the lack of motiv... Read More »

Be Honest, what do you think?

In most cases I'm of the mind to keep religion out of business, schools and government. You know, separation of church and state!However , if you are only looking to attract like minded people, it... Read More »