Am i over weightplz help?

Answer Lol no you are deffently not over weight... Sounds like your talk and skinny. Im 5'2 and weight 130lbs. And im deffently not over weight so im sure if your taller then me then there is no way your ... Read More »

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HELP! How do I get my printer to stop printing the same page over and over again 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!?

go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the miniature printer it might take a couple times to pop up so double click it then click on the page that keeps on printing and then press delete... Read More »

Does zicam really work to help stop a cold or help you get over it faster?

yessss. its the only cold medicine i'll use. the dissolvable kind works the best for me, it doesn't taste amazing but it works great. i had a horrible cold awhile ago for about a week and it just g... Read More »

How to help my baby get over the flu?

please understand the reasons why you SHOULDN'T drink during pregnancy, FIRST.your newborn could suffer from permanent mental retardation, a lowered IQ level, or may have to live with the consequen... Read More »

How to Help a Man Get Over a Divorce?

Give him time, love and comfort.Every relationship has its ups and downs, but a lot goes into carefully managing the fragility of some relationship issues with a fresh divorcee. He may be dark when... Read More »