Am i old enough to travel on a train unaccompanied?

Answer It's up to your parents - if they allow you then you're old enough.

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What is a good travel insurance company for an unaccompanied minor?

It matters on your policy but if it does your insurance will go up.

Is it possible to travel to any city in the u.k by train from any train station in the u.k?

If you mean without changing trains - no.Otherwise, you can certainly buy a ticket from any station in Great Britain to any other station in Great Britain, and I think you can buy train tickets bet... Read More »

Is it safer to travel by plane or is it more likely the train would crash or the plane HELP?

Dont worry about it, I have been railroading more or less every day since 1973 and I have not been injured yet. You are much much safer on a train than the cab ride to the station. And just for the... Read More »

Air Travel Vs. Train Travel?

Before the advent of commercial jet planes, traveling in style meant traveling by rail. Deciding between air and train travel now often comes down to issues of time, cost, convenience and comfort.