Am i normal please answer :)?

Answer You're fine. You're at the average weight for a girl who is 5'4. I'm 5'4 and I weigh 104.

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Best answer 10points! am I normal! why does this happen?

It's totally normal my dad is like that as well as my brother they are shaking their leg all the time! It's part of the nervous system I guess

Is it normal for guys Girls, please answer too?

It is totally normal! Were is there a law or rule boock that says that guys can't wear pink?!? You shouldn't care what other people think about your taste or style.. I mean it what your going to we... Read More »

Can a normal upc barcode reader can scan qr code please answer..?

No, a normal UPC barcode scanner uses a single line and a QR code would not be contained in that single line.

ANSWER PLS! if i put normal mascara and then i put waterproof one over it will it still get messed in the pool?

No, don't put your regular mascara over your waterproof mascara. That's just dumb. Just wear the waterproof mascara without the other one or it will most likely be dripping drown you face. If you w... Read More »