Am i infertile or just a freak?

Answer absolutely not. i had discharge for 2 years before my period and i only got it 3 weeks before i turned 15. some people just get their periods later.and i had boobs and everything. i just happened t... Read More »

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If my parents were infertile, what are my chances of being infertile, too?

There is a very good chance that you are infertile too. Sorry Princess :(But if your husband is super fertile, like let's say, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, then he might make up for your lack of fer... Read More »

Is it possible that I am infertile?

Go and see a gynaecologist, they will tell you or recommend a fertility clinic. Reasons for not conceiving could be-Insufficient womb lining (too thin, this is how the pill works but it may just be... Read More »

How to Tell if a Bird Egg Is Infertile?

Bluebird EggsDon't waste your time incubating an infertile bird egg. It's easy to do. Follow these steps to learn how to tell in eggs are infertile.

Can you be infertile at 18 years old?

Yes. Heres more about it.