Am i having a seizure or somethinghelp?

Answer No one here can tell you. We are not doctors.Please visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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Trying to find out what caused my 17 mth old to have a seizure one minute he was fine running and playing then he was having a seizure it was so terrifying.?

The most common cause of seizure between tha ages of six months to six years is febrile seizure. If the child did not have fever at that time other causes have to be considered. The child needs to ... Read More »

How do you help someone who is having a seizure?

Most seizures are self-limiting and stop by themselves after various periods of time. However, a person having a seizure may be injured; breathe food, fluid, or vomit into the lungs; or not get eno... Read More »

Can i drive after having a seizure?

On One Hand: A Return Is PossibleThe U.S. Department of Transportation says that in most cases, it is fine for people to return to driving after they have successfully recovered from seizures.On th... Read More »

How to Tell If a Bunny Is Having a Seizure?

When many people think of problems that affect rabbits, seizures aren't always the first thing that come to mind; however, seizures are one of the common ailments that plague bunnies, states Zooh C... Read More »