Am i fat opinions from girls and guys please?

Answer It depends my dear on your bone mass, ex(big boned) . I am 5'10 and 145 pounds and my friend is also 5'10and 145 pounds and she looks bigger than me. I have a smaller frame than she does. Good post... Read More »

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Opinions, please Who gives better facials, guys or girls?

I get pampered buy a guy behind the 7/11 on a regular basis. He gives me a facial and a slurpie!!!

What to wear on the first day of high school guys and girls on becoming a freshman?

hey, i'm gonna be a junior next year. a little bit of both is a great style! wearing all abercrombie or hollister is not unique at all. in high school you want to be your own person and have your o... Read More »

Gross or not! Girls please answer...guys too!!?

To each their own.Personally, during the winter, I shave A LOT less. I don't wear shorts or tank tops so who is going to know?However, I do shave more during the summer months so that I'm not a fur... Read More »

Is it normal for guys Girls, please answer too?

It is totally normal! Were is there a law or rule boock that says that guys can't wear pink?!? You shouldn't care what other people think about your taste or style.. I mean it what your going to we... Read More »