Am i fat opinions from girls and guys please?

Answer It depends my dear on your bone mass, ex(big boned) . I am 5'10 and 145 pounds and my friend is also 5'10and 145 pounds and she looks bigger than me. I have a smaller frame than she does. Good post... Read More »

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Opinions, please Who gives better facials, guys or girls?

I get pampered buy a guy behind the 7/11 on a regular basis. He gives me a facial and a slurpie!!!

What to wear on the first day of high school guys and girls on becoming a freshman?

hey, i'm gonna be a junior next year. a little bit of both is a great style! wearing all abercrombie or hollister is not unique at all. in high school you want to be your own person and have your o... Read More »

How old do I look( guys opinions would be appreciated) ?

Guys,what are your personal opinions on tomboys?

I generally prefer tomboys, in terms of girls to socialize with. Generally, tomboys actually have some interesting topics they like to discuss, or at least the topics they enjoy talking about are t... Read More »