Am i fat for my Age (Pic Included !!!)?

Answer NO your not fat at all! Just a little chubby but believe me, you are SO NOT fat!

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What is this box like thing that I found inside my stove (pic included) included)?

its a voltage transformer probably a step down It takes high voltage and steps it down to a lower voltage example 220vac on the primary winding, (incoming) and a 24 vac to the secondary (output)

Am I fat (pix included)?

hairryyybut no youre fine, youre just a bit out of shape, try running and doing some sit ups and in 2 or 3 weeks youll look great

Am I fat (pic included)?

You're not fat, in my opinion you have the perfect body type.You have a nice figure without being stick thin, and that's not something you see a lot these days.Tell anybody who calls you fat to shu... Read More »

How old do you think I am (pic included)?