Am i fat for a middle schooler?

Answer Just be young and enjoy your life. You want to lose weight? Cut out candy, cookies and ice cream for a while.

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How to Support a Middle Schooler?

Middle school is tough. It's when a child starts searching for their identity, and this is a very rough search. This child will go through a lot throughout middle school...bullies, bad friendships,... Read More »

How to Parent a Middle Schooler?

Parenting your children can be a very hard thing to do, but you can succeed or get better once you follow a few simple steps.

I'm a middle schooler and need help getting rid of pimple?

First off! Don't stress about having a pimple! It's a normal teenage thing, and there isn't much you can do about it! Secondly, yes it's alright to cover it with make-up, but here are some tips on... Read More »

How to Be a Regular Middle Schooler?

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