Am i 'extreme' for not eating anything with gelatine?

Answer right, gonna jump on my high horse. If a person says they are a vegetarian - they should not eat anything that comes from animals - anything at all - you can't call yourself a vegetarian and then e... Read More »

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My question is this: For those who have moral issues with eating meat or "anything with a face" or any animal?

Good Question. I used this argument in a response to a vegan question and got hammered with thumbs downs. It makes a lot of sense. If you won't eat meat, won't wear leather, won't drink milk o... Read More »

Is there anything wrong with eating food off the floor?

What floor are you talking about? Food that hits the floor WILL pick up some of whatever bacteria/viruses are on that floor. If it is your home, and the floor is reasonably clean, you probably won... Read More »

600 My count has gone over 600 but i am not eating anything with high sugar count i am drinking water `?

If you are not on injectable insulin, the doctor may have to order that for you.Your blood sugar should never get that high. You are in danger of going into a diabetic coma or going temporairly bli... Read More »

Not eating or drinking anything?

If you don't get fluids, you'll go into renal distress. I got sick last year with a virus and after 2 days ended up dehydrated in the hospital. I spent 9 days in hospital on an IV. You can last sev... Read More »