Am i eating healthily ?

Answer not at all

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How can teens eat healthily ?

Eating a healthy diet ensures that teens have plenty of energy for school, sports, work and socializing. Instead of filling up with fatty foods and excess calories, focus on practical portion sizes... Read More »

How to Eat Healthily over the Holidays?

Eating rich meals for one or two days of the year won’t hurt you, but problems will arise if you're tempted to over-indulgence over several days, or even weeks. Follow these simple holiday eating... Read More »

How do I get my child to eat healthily?

YOU control his food. You've got to tell him that if he's hungry, he has to eat apples or whatever, not the sweets. Do not buy the sweets and treats. If you don't have them, then he can't eat th... Read More »

How to Snack Healthily?

Being overweight just "snacks" up on us! Healthy snacking help us maintain a healthy weight, and is part of an overall plan of making good choices and exercising self-control.