Am i being ripped off?

Answer A motherboard MAY have the latest BIOS if it was made after that BIOS became available. It would NOT be overclocked. It may be possible that the bios configuration was bad as a result of a low batt... Read More »

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Am I being ripped off by a cowboy?

£55 is about right for a call out charge, but if its a brand new house then the boiler should be covered by manufacturers warranty so i would speak to the developers

How to Avoid Being Ripped off by a Contractor?

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How to Buy Jewelery Without Being Ripped Off?

Both genuine and fake jewelery can be found everywhere in the market place. Learn how to distinguish one from the other.

Were we being ripped-off all those years?

Well, lets see... a company built a network of wires all across the country, cables under the sea to connect with other countries. They did this so that you could talk to grandma or girlfriend on ... Read More »