Am i at least decent looking ?

Answer I literally cried after seeing your fugly pics ..

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Is it possible to get a decent PC for £300-£400?

yes build it yourself or goto ebay good computers cheap theirworth a look anyway

How to Get a Decent Job?

Times are tough. The job market is a disaster, and unemployment has reached record highs. Don't be discouraged. Cream rises to the top. Individuals with motivation, determination and a belief in th... Read More »

Can $500 get me a decent TV right now Any suggestions for a TV I could buy?

Well, $500 could buy you three new 20 inch flat-screen CRT televisions from a decent brand, or two 27 inch CRT televisions, with some change left over.Or it can buy you one late-model 26 inch LCD H... Read More »

How do you make some decent tea?

okay basic way to make tea is to heat water up to a boil and then pour in a mug and put 1 tea bag in the cup and let it soak for a while. green tea is really delicious!! if you dont have a kettle t... Read More »