Am i a virgin or not?

Answer I'd say you're still a virgin. You didn't have full on intercourse.If someone asked you what it was like to have sex, could you tell them? No, because you didn't experience it.You're a virgin.

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Moonlight is shown in the UK on Virgin 1 will they be showing a second series on Virgin 1 or not because everything is about CBS in America but not UK?

How would a virgin tell her boyfriend she is a virgin and wants to lose her virginity?

Just tell him that you wanna do it and if he's ready then he'll do it. It's not that hard

If a virgin has IVF treatment and gets pregnant is she still a virgin?

Will non virgin mobile phones work with virgin mobile?

Non-Virgin Mobile phones can't be used on Virgin Mobile, because of the carrier's cellular technology. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint's wireless network, and phones on the network use the CDMA standard.... Read More »