Am I true Alcoholic?

Answer Well sir.. You are well on your way to being an alcoholic!! The good news is that you are a weekend warrior just in stage 1 of acloholism!! See you in stage 2!!! May I recommend a martini!! These a... Read More »

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I drink four beers a day when i get home from work , my wife thinks i'm am alcoholic is that true?

i wouldn't say alcoholic if it does not affect your daily life. besides studies show its good for the heart to have 2 drinks/day...maybe your a lil bigger a need a few extra :-)

Whats a good drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic) for mexican food?

Since the Mexican food is generally hot, both in the sense of temperature, and usually due to the salsa, a cold drink of any kind is good. Beer is good if you want alcoholic drink, and water, iced... Read More »

Should a family of an alcoholic include alcohol at a party given for the alcoholic?

I wouldn't want to because it sends a message to the alcoholic whether he/she is still drinking or not that drinking is okay which would make the effort to stop that much harder.Perhaps showing him... Read More »

Which is your most favorite alcoholic and non alcoholic drink ?

alcoholic-caribou lounon alcoholic-iced coffee from starbucks