Am I too pale for blonde?

Answer I think it would look amazing :) I think you aren't pale at all! You can also do it in steps if you are not sure about it. Dye it a little bit lighter first and next time again a bit lighter so tha... Read More »

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How to Look Less Pale With Blonde Hair & Pale Skin?

Having blonde hair and light skin is not always a curse. Though you burn more than you tan, there are ways to get color without cooking under the harmful sun. Tanning beds are one way, but you will... Read More »

My kitchen walls are pumpkin spice with pale blonde?

Your best bet is to go into the store where you plan on buying the stain from and pick up as many stain/paint chips as you can and bring them home. From there you should be able to narrow it down t... Read More »

Which colours go best with blue eyes, blonde hair & pale skin!?

Go with brown eyeshadow, but black mascara. Stay in the pinks with lips, and cheeks can be pink or brown/mauvish, depending on the look you want. I have super pale skin and blue eyes too. Thats how... Read More »

Recommend me some easy to find pale face powder/cover up I mean like pale...?

Im a goth with really pale skin. I use Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. Hope this helped you :)