Am I too old to be asking questions on here?

Answer i am young but i get on here every so often and maybe about every 5 ?'s i find an older person.. i think that u should be able to because the older u r the wiser u r and some of us young ppl need ... Read More »

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Why is no one asking questions here about the recent flu outbreak?

Fear keeps people from asking questions. We need to function based on love rather than fear. All of us. If they are curbing the talk on swine flu, we know what that means. btw :))) Thanks for the a... Read More »

Why do people ask questions here instead of asking their doctor?

The example you give is a very poor one.1.5 mm total difference is 0.75 mm per eye...which is of no consequence no matter how you want to calculate it.1.5 mm each eye is a different story.If you wa... Read More »

Asking questions on here is opening a minefield for sarcasm the answers I received are so cynical?

I think the best thing to do is keep an open mind. That way it doesn't annoy you in anyway when you get silly answers. They may even make you laugh.

Do adult adoptees really have anything to GAIN by being here, asking and answering questions?

I totally get where your going with this, Sunny. We don't really have an ulterior motive for sharing our experiences. We don't get anything out of it as far as money, job security, or a "complete... Read More »