Am I the only person without a MySpace account?

Answer Myspace is like beer, Its fun but not to addicting. Yahoo is like Meth, Its addictive as HEII. mabye some day yahoo will take over.

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How to Get a MySpace Account without Your Parents Knowing?

Myspace is so popular these days, and a good fraction of the social scene takes place on there. That's why so many scenesters are obsessed with it! C'mon, go make one! What's keeping you?!--uh oh, ... Read More »

Am i the only teenager without a myspace - merry christmas btw?

No, I didn't have myspace when I was a Teen. My parents also told me not to take candy from a stranger. OH, there were no computers when I was a teen... that started to come into play when I was... Read More »

Am I the only person who doesn't have a Facebook account?

Nope! I don't. I got sick of people being in my social life. I hate it when people update their status like every five seconds, I don't care what the latest gossip is. Yes you are better off withou... Read More »

Am I the only person without a DIGITAL CAMERA?

Why don't you try Nikon, or Canon?My fiance used to work for a while at a camera shop during his semester break, and they told him that for taking pictures, Nikon and Canon are the best.Sony is oka... Read More »