Am I the only person who doesn't have a Facebook account?

Answer Nope! I don't. I got sick of people being in my social life. I hate it when people update their status like every five seconds, I don't care what the latest gossip is. Yes you are better off withou... Read More »

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Can I make a 2nd Facebook account or is each person limited to one?

the rules state that you are only allowed to have onehowever, some people ignore the rules and create more than onebut then what happens is facebook detects that and suspends all the accounts you h... Read More »

How to Track a Person Who Tries to Duplicate a Facebook Account?

Discovering that your Facebook account has been duplicated can be an unnerving situation.Have you discovered that someone is making a copy of your Facebook profile to scam people with? This article... Read More »

If you get iphone 4 and some other person doesnt can you still have face time with that person?

The Face Time feature of iPhone 4 only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. No other devices will work with it. The only way for Face Time with your non-iPhone 4 wielding friends is to physically... Read More »

How to Keep My Google Facebook Account & Delete My Yahoo Facebook Account?

Facebook's social networking website relies on a connection with one of the user's email addresses in order to receive notifications about activity on the user's profile and as a username for loggi... Read More »