Am I the only person who doesn't have a Facebook account?

Answer Nope! I don't. I got sick of people being in my social life. I hate it when people update their status like every five seconds, I don't care what the latest gossip is. Yes you are better off withou... Read More »

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If you get iphone 4 and some other person doesnt can you still have face time with that person?

The Face Time feature of iPhone 4 only works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. No other devices will work with it. The only way for Face Time with your non-iPhone 4 wielding friends is to physically... Read More »

Am I the only person without a MySpace account?

Myspace is like beer, Its fun but not to addicting. Yahoo is like Meth, Its addictive as HEII. mabye some day yahoo will take over.

Am I the only person on the planet not of Facebook?

Not only am I not on facebook, I do not own a cell phone, an ipod or an mp3 player. I also only answer my phone at home if, and when, I feel like it. I hate the idea of people constantly being a... Read More »

How to Track a Person Who Tries to Duplicate a Facebook Account?

Discovering that your Facebook account has been duplicated can be an unnerving situation.Have you discovered that someone is making a copy of your Facebook profile to scam people with? This article... Read More »