Am I the only person who didn't know this life-changing bit of information?

Answer You sure know how to make a person feel stupid, don't you?

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Is this true the army with information and circumstance pertaining to alleged sexual assault will only be disclosed on a need-to-know basis?

I backed up from a parking spot into a car, my fault, this person didnt report it for two months deny or no?

she can make a claim up to two years you little putz act like a wo-man and pay off your debt. If you had been looking in the mirror like you were supposed to be this would not have happened. Its al... Read More »

In Pa in chapter 7 bankruptcy can person use Federal Bankruptcy Exemtion to keep 120000 paid off condominium if this is only asset and only projected income is 238 monthly?

Refer to your last similar Q.Yes you have a 125K Federal Homestead Exemption.Yes you have issues that need to be protected by an attorney in the BK process (any creditor will have one and they will... Read More »


Well, I'm not the smartest person but I can help you do your home work.1. Ego2. money3. relationships4. attitude or behaviors5. addictive behaviors4 and 5 are different (addictives in #5 are gambli... Read More »