Am I the only person on this planet who can live WITHOUT television?

Answer ah- But can you live without answers?!

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Can cell phone videos be used LIVE on LIVE television SoCal appears to be burning up. Again!?

I've searched KABC's website for you but there is nothing on there about "LIVE" footage from cell-phone video.In this day of technology I could only imagine that it would be possible.But what do I ... Read More »

Am I the only person on the planet not of Facebook?

Not only am I not on facebook, I do not own a cell phone, an ipod or an mp3 player. I also only answer my phone at home if, and when, I feel like it. I hate the idea of people constantly being a... Read More »

Hottest person on the planet?

Why can't we live on planet Jupiter?

Jupiter is made up of hydrogen and helium. It can't sustain human life because the air is not breathable and there's no surface to settle on. Jupiter also has wind speeds of up to 250 miles per hou... Read More »