Am I the only person on GMail?

Answer Yes.Everyone else on the planet has left it.Or maybe it's this:

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I want to visible for a particular person in Gmail Chat... Is there any option in the Gmail setting?

Actually there is no such kind of settings in g mail or g talk, to being invisible for others and visible on chats for only a particular one.. You have suggested by all that be invisible and you ca... Read More »

Is there any way to know that whether a person has blocked you on gmail or not?

I need to remove this person from Gmail for ever.?

Filtering option help you1. Sign in2. Beside Search mail, you may find "Create Filter" 3. Just fill the Email ID you want to block in FROM 4. Then click NEXT5. In the next, Select Delete it.6. Enj... Read More »

I received a chat invite from an unknown person in gmail, what do i do?

Nobody would like to get into unnecessary trouble. It's obvious. Just ignore that invite. If you add, just ask their details and more information about that person. If he/she is reluctant to give a... Read More »