Am I the only one whose Gmail (Google Mail) account is suddenly different now?

Answer Google are rolling out their new theme engine.If you go to your settings you will find an option to change your theme, one of the themes is called "Classic" if you should wish to go back to the old... Read More »

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How to Transfer Mail to Another Account and Delete a Gmail Email Account?

If you are unhappy with Google's email service Gmail, you can permanently delete it from your Google Account. Deleting your Gmail email account may be a concern if you are worried about losing impo... Read More »

How to Get Google Apps Mail to Gmail Through POP?

Google Apps is a product that enables individuals, organizations and businesses to host their custom domain email accounts on Google servers. Besides email, Google Apps offers integrated, collabora... Read More »

How to Use a Gmail Imap Account in Thunderbird or Mac Mail?

Using a Gmail IMAP account in Thunderbird or Mac Mail can be confusing, especially where the ALL MAIL Label is concerned. This article discusses what the ALL MAIL Label in Gmail is about and how to... Read More »

I hav a prob...Actually, while checking my mail that is gmail account....?

if you are using Internet Explorer, go to Control panel, open Internet options, go to the content tab, on the bottom right of the window you will see a button as "Auto Complete", click it, a smalle... Read More »