Am I the only one who thinks machines have feelings?

Answer Have you fallen in love with a computer?No, they don't have emotions. I doubt the computer was "hurting" when you left it.

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Is it likely to be pregnant if the only symptom you have are weird feelings in your stomach?

Answer: not very likely, unless... when you get pregnant, you don't feel baby movements until you start to show or you reach the middle to end of the third month. by then you will have missed a p... Read More »

CBB, Ulrika, am I the only one who thinks Ulrika hasn't aged well at all she's only 42 ffs and she has Sooooo?

No you're not the only one who thinks that, it's referred to in the media quite a lot. I hate her, she is always moralising to women (who she hates) about life, such as "fat women are bad mothers" ... Read More »

Am i the only guy who thinks this?

No, you are not the only guy that thinks that. In fact, I don't think that you are the only person that thinks that. My boyfriend of 11 years feels the same way. I personally don't wear makeup beca... Read More »

Am I the only who thinks MAC Cosmetics is cheap and overrated?

You're right, there are many products that MAC makes which aren't very good, but there are also other products, such as their eyeshadows, or brushes which some people favor. MAC isn't very expensiv... Read More »