Am I the only one who finds Facebook depressing/stressful?

Answer I have thought about deleting my account a few times. It was depressing because I moved and I thought I would be able to keep in touch with my friends but after a while it was like I was being left... Read More »

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Dad finds out about me uploading pictures on facebook?

upload your pictures from your friends computer or something...

Am I the only one that finds facebook complicated & demanding?

Ha ha found ya!Maybe not complicated, perhaps frantic is a better way to describe it! Everyone else seems enchanted by it. Demanding - hell yes! You gotta wonder when some of then sleep!New look... Read More »

How to Be Good at Word Finds?

Word Finds can be challenging. Some people may be good at it. That's because they practice and they have some tips and tricks. You want to be good at word finds too. So read on to learn how and to ... Read More »

What department finds sources of oil?