Am I the only one who can drink an entire bottle of wine?

Answer Yes you are. Congrats. I had a hard time drinking a small glass of red wine on Sunday. Aftertaste was good, the drinking part was bad.5 oz of wine has 106 calories.Bottle of wine has 25.6 oz in it.... Read More »

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If I have an entire 750 ml's bottle of wine or champagne three times a week will it kill me?

Sounds more expensive based on the liquors you're drinking than it does deadly.

Can I drink a bottle of white wine after ingesting a litre of red wine, or will it make me really sick?

Yes --- drinking 2 bottles of any wine (within a few hours or so) will either make you sick, or very very sleepy and maybe both.

If you drink a whole bottle of wine will you get drunk?

Based on your weight, I'd say yes. You'd be pretty hammered - especially if you don't drink frequently.

Does it really matter if i drink a whole bottle of wine to myself in less than an hour?

It's YOUR wine, YOUR stomach, and more importantly, YOUR LIVER that will suffer, so should I be bovvered? NO ! ! !