Am I the only one that thinks that Vista SUCKS!!!?

Answer Yes you are the only one who THINKS it sucks. Everyone else KNOWS it sucks.

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Who thinks yahoo answers sucks?

I guess that you have to gain some points. Do some voting... that's one point for each vote. Answer some questions, that's two points for each... and 10 points for the best answer. But don't a... Read More »

Am I the only person who thinks Firefox sucks?

I agree with you. Firefox is way overrated. People can say "it's safer" or "IE7 is crap." but they have no real support. I cna factually prove that Firefox is .s.l.o.w.

Who else thinks Escape The Fate sucks?

How can your friend even compare them to Lamb of God, let alone say they're better?SACRILEGE.Escape the fate is absolute shitt.

Why does everyone say Windows Vista sucks?

well for the following reaSons1. system requirements. vista needs atleast a 1gb ram for the effects, etc. dont believe me! weel just check the requirements for all the new games. Xp will have lower... Read More »