Am I still vegan if I kill spiders?

Answer Here's what the Vegan Society (the guy who founded it is the same guy who coined the term "vegan," so I think this definition is probably pretty good) has to say about veganism: "Veganism is a way ... Read More »

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Is it ok for a vegan to kill spiders?

Killing spiders seems to go against the whole ethos of veganism. Veganism is about minimising animal suffering, and it's more than a diet, it's a lifestyle. By definition, vegans don't use animals ... Read More »

How to Kill Tarantula Spiders?

Although tarantulas contain poison, they do not produce enough to kill a human unless the human is allergic. They scare people because of their size and their hair. They prey on insects, small bird... Read More »

How to Kill Indoor Spiders?

Indoor spiders are extremely beneficial, as they help to keep other insect populations under control. Nevertheless, indoor spiders, or house spiders, make some people shudder. House spiders resort... Read More »

How to Kill Large Spiders?

This is a way to kill large spiders such as the Wolf spider and the Garden Orb Weaver.